Dizanta Suite Server

If you are still struggling with time-consuming data handling and the ensuing reports, the Dizanta Suite developed by Pro Control will amaze you. The Dizanta Suite is a set of software modules for the automation of operator actions. The Dizanta Suite is seamlessly incorporated in the manually operated control system and runs on a separate computer both online and offline.

The Dizanta Suite comprises 5 extremely user-friendly modules, each performing common but time-consuming data handling operations in just a few minutes.

All the modules are available separately, but separate modules always come as a suite in view of their interaction.

Dizanta Demo

Meet Dizanta! Please feel free to use the Dizanta demo and get an idea of its user-friendliness and versatility. The demo includes all the available Dizanta modules that will help to save you considerable time and money in the future.

Dizanta Compass – batch development module

Dizanta Compass is a powerful automation tool that effectively manages flexible batch operations, recipe modelling and batch execution. It allows the user to create simple or complex recipes and automatically execute them or store them for later use.

Dizanta Compass improves the consistency of your process, eliminates human errors and increases efficiency and quality, and yet allows all the flexibility that you need.


Dizanta Prisma – data monitoring module

Dizanta Prisma is a sophisticated data viewer with built-in analysis functionality. Dizanta Prisma enables the user to review historical data and adjust the process parameters accordingly. It comes with a great number of user-friendly options in the sense of the data to be displayed, colour settings and a great many other preferences.


Dizanta Sigma – dynamic calculation module

Dizanta Sigma is the smart application for the creation of complex dynamic calculated tags. Simply enter a formula and use the outcome as a process variable.


Dizanta Helix – report creation module

We developed the useful Dizanta Helix module to replace the most tedious job all: reporting. Dizanta Helix is not only highly efficient, but also very easy to use. It continuously samples your system so that you can create reports of any channel at any time. Just enter the tag, time stamps, decimals and sampling rate and Helix will do the rest. The reports produced come in csv, txt or atfx format, as preferred.