Pro Control: Connecting Man to Machine

Pro Control has created the most complex complex R&D and production installations. It is also the proud developer of the Dizanta Suite software to automate your processes and experiments. In a nutshell: Pro Control is your expert partner in finding creative solutions to problems in process, chemical, mechanical and E&I engineering where others cannot.

With over 20 years of experience and a great many multidisciplinary partnerships, Pro Control is your sparring partner and one-stop shop for your (turnkey) project. We are specialized in the design and implementation of process control and data acquisition systems for research & development organizations and production plants. Contact usWe also revamp research installations and service & recalibrate instrumentation.

Why Pro Control?

  • Multidisciplinary partnerships
  • One-stop shop for turnkey installation
  • Mean and lean
  • Developers of Dizanta
  • Over 20 years of experience


Pro Control Process Control Systems
For LPS, Pro Control has proven to be the perfect partner as an Industrial Automation service provider. Together with Pro Control we engineer, supply and commission turn-key reactor systems and pilot plants all over the world.

What we offer:

Creative, out-of-the-box and tailor-made products. Pro Control designs and implements:

Success Stories


Case 3: The sputtering machine at the University of Groningen

Students learn from their mistakes, but any mistake was one too many for the old control system of the sputtering machine at the University of Groningen. The system needed to be rebooted and recalibrated time and time again. It was also far too complicated. If you would like to know how Pro Control solved the university’s problem, please click here.

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Case: Tata Steel

High-temperature conversion techniques in the car industry required the researchers at Tata Steel to be able to characterise friction. Pro Control designed and constructed a Hot Friction Tester (HFT). It is now a key tool in Tata Steel’s research into wearing parts and friction behaviour. Please click here to find out more…

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Engineers at NIKHEF wanted to perform acceptance tests on 400 V–12 V DC/DC converters. They contacted Pro Control for a LabVIEW application that would be able to communicate with all the instruments and acquire all the relevant data of the tests. Pro Control not only developed the application but added an extremely user-friendly interface. Even staff with limited technical knowledge can now run the experiments!

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Case: Emerson

An innovative Pro Control masterpiece is now literally on its way to support Emerson’s customers.

Emerson developed a Mobile Calibration Unit based on Coriolis Master Meters resulting in the best onsite uncertainty and a CMC of 0,075% with Flow rates from 1.8 to 1800 kg/min and was looking for a knowledgeable partner to deliver a turn-key Labview solution for their new service. Pro Control accepted the challenge.

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Case: Ineos

At Ineos Brussels, a single operator could only test the catalyst for the polymerisation process of ethylene twice a day by manual operation of the existing SCADA software. Ineos challenged Pro Control to come up with a solution so that the operator could run their 8-fold autoclave system 8 times a day. Pro Control made this 10 times.

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The Pro Control Method

Pro Control’s highly flexible solutions emerge in stages. From our very first meeting, Pro Control makes sure that you stay in charge, while we explore all your options and stay in contact at every stage – and well after delivery. If you want to find out more about the way we work, please click here.

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