The Pro Control method

Pro Control’s clients are usually specialists but cooperate with engineering of control systems or even complete solutions. So, if you are struggling to draft a complete specification of what you believe would be an answer to your problems, Pro Control will be your partner.

Initial specifications and flexibility are the best points of departure. Rest assured, there is no Pro Control job without a thorough investigation – and we prefer to investigate your wishes at your premises to check it all out on-site.

We will review your current setup, your problems, your needs and objectives. We will then consider all the options available through our partnerships. What better way to use them than to your greatest advantage?

Once you have accepted our quote, we will not simply retreat to our workshop to design and deliver a cooperatively built system as agreed, but work in stages and stay in touch throughout the process. Moreover, we will make sure that you are properly equipped to stay in charge. In brief, this is how we work towards one complete solution:

  • meeting(s) with the client
  • quote, acceptance, kick-off
  • pre-engineering
  • detailed engineering
  • construction of hardware and software
  • factory acceptance tests
  • delivery of hard- and software
  • installation and cabling at the client’s premises
  • running and system testing
  • final delivery with documentation
  • staff training
  • proper after-sales contact and optimisation

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