Analytical data is essential in chemical plants, but the data is not time coherent and usually retrieved through separate data packages in a non-standard format.

Pro Control is fully aware of the importance of analytical data. We also understand that the comparison of raw process data with analytical data is time consuming. That is why Pro Control developed the Dizanta Software Suite and especially our new Spectrum module: it combines raw process data with analytical data in just one report. 

The Spectrum module enables researchers to work more efficiently and effectively in the same amount of time. The Helix and Prisma modules enable you to handle reports in different layouts in one go.

Dizanta is able to integrate the data of a great many instrument types and brands, including:

  • Agilent and Thermo Scientific GC’s;
  • Horiba Raman scope;
  • Mass Spectrometers;
  • Infra-red analysers

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